Corporate responsibility

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At EDC we believe that ethical, sustainable and socially responsible operations are fundamental to our business and to our long term growth. It is the way we work.
  • We observe and promote ethical business practices and advocate respect and tolerance by and for all people.
  • Our business decisions are made to ensure long-term growth for the benefit of our employees, customers and investors.
  • We care about where we work and together with our employees, local people and government bodies we develop constructive solutions to shared problems and promote suitable projects and initiatives that are of long-term benefit to the local communities.
  • We are committed to high standards in occupational health and safety and to protecting the environment.

Commitment to our people
With more than twenty-two thousand employees we are focused on providing them with a safe and high quality working environment backed up by a first class compensation and benefits package.

Commitment to HSE
Our HSE specialists in the structural units promote our Health, Safety and Environmental Protection policies and procedures to all our employees and works to ensure that we comply with all the laws and regulations.

Commitment to the community
We are involved in several projects in various communities where we operate, aimed at improving the wellbeing of the local population. Our support includes financial assistance for the disabled, low-income families, disabled and elderly war veterans, and disadvantaged, disabled and orphaned children.

Commitment to our investors and customers
We do all this while never losing sight of the fact that, fundamentally, we are here to run a successful business that manages to keep its competitive position in the market even during periods of decrease of oil prices.


Industry leader

Industry leader

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