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EDC currently operates the largest land drilling fleet in the CIS. Construction of new oil and gas wells on land is our largest business segment. 

Our total fleet of 216* drilling and sidetracking rigs, with lifting capacities between 80 and 450 tonnes, enables our highly professional, results-oriented personnel to deliver to our customers over 1,500 wells per year.  

The services we provide in our onshore division are ranging from conventional production and exploration drilling services to more complex drilling such as horizontal and underbalanced drilling. We see that the demand for horizontal drilling going forward will continue to be strong and we are well placed to meet this growing demand with our technically capable fleet.

Drilling services are primarily provided on a turnkey basis with EDC managing the complete construction of the well including all third parties services and completion installation. The complete well construction process may include drilling, directional drilling, logging (formation evaluation), casing & cementing, well completion (tubulars, ESP, etc.) perforating, hydrofracking & acidizing.

Following is a brief description of the main types of oil and gas wells that we drill:

  • Exploration wells are drilled where an oil or gas field is suspected and a license to explore has been obtained. Exploration wells may result in discoveries of hydrocarbons, or they may not encounter hydrocarbons in economically producible quantities. The latter wells are generally known as dry holes.
  • Appraisal wells are drilled to define the extent of a field after hydrocarbons have been discovered by one or more exploration wells.

  • Production wells are drilled to facilitate production on the field, after sufficient volumes of hydrocarbons to justify production have been proved and a production license has been obtained.

EDC currently provides these drilling services through OOO BKE in Russia and EDC Romfor Ltd. in Iraq.

*Information as of July 1, 2021

Rig fleet information

Rig fleet information

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