Sidetrack drilling

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EDC utilises a number of the lighter capacity mobile rigs from our drilling fleet to perform well sidetracking services on existing wells.

Sidetracking is the drilling of a new lateral from an existing well that has poor or no productivity due to mechanical damage to the well or depleted hydrocarbons at that particular site. The orginal well bore in the no longer productive zone is plugged back and deviated or horizontal drilling is used to drill a new lateral wellbore to install a new productive well or access a nearby produtive zone.

Sidetrack drilling is carried out by OOO BKE through its Perm branch and OOO BVS Eurasia mainly in Western Siberia. 

Sidetracking services are contracted on either a flat-rate per well or on a day-rate basis.

Rig fleet information

Rig fleet information

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