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Our onshore workover fleet is one of the largest in Russia and consists of 384* rigs with lifting capacities of between 40 and 160 tonnes.

We offer our onshore integrated workover services to local and international oil and gas companies primarily in Russia. In addition to performing remedial work on existing wells, our fleet provides completion services on the new production wells drilled by EDC.

A workover is the process of maintaining, repairing or enhancing production from a well through various means. Most workovers require the production tubing string to be pulled from the well by the workover rig in order to repair the defects that may be causing sub-optimal well production. The production tubing is inserted back into the well once the defects have been repaired. In some cases, a workover is performed in order to carry out hydrofracking and acidizing.

The following are common workover tasks that we perform.

  • Subsurface pumping. Subsurface pumps are required in the vast majority of the onshore oil producing wells in Russia. These pumps have a finite life and are routinely replaced, on average, every 12 months.
  • Remedial cementing. Frequently, cementing operations are carried out on existing wells to shut off water or unwanted gas production.
  • Tubing replacement. Most workovers require the production tubing string to be pulled from the well. As a result, production tubing needs to be replaced as part of the workover process.
  • Well cleanout. This entails the removal of debris, sand, scale and organic materials from a well to improve the flow of hydrocarbons to the surface. Many reservoirs produce sand that is not carried to surface by the flow of hydrocarbons during production. The resulting accumulations can decrease production and are cleaned out periodically.
  • Re-completion. Downhole completion hardware is exposed to materials such as corrosive water, sand, scale, tar and wax which can clog and damage equipment. Re-completing a well may mean extracting the hardware and repairing or replacing it, in part or in its entirety. Alternatively, as downhole well conditions change over time (as a result of increased levels of watercut, for example) or as technology improves, different tools may be used or artificial lift hardware may be employed (such as electrical submersible pumps). Wells are often re-completed in different zones to enhance production.
  • Additional perforations or re-perforation. In certain oilfields it is possible to perforate additional intervals in hydrocarbon bearing reservoirs to increase production rates. In other reservoirs it may be possible to re-perforate an existing perforated interval that has become closed. New technologies also allow for deeper penetrating perforating charges

Our workover services are carried out by OOO KRS Eurasia through its Kogalym, Usinsk, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhnevartovsk and Urai branches, and on a smaller scale, by OOO BKE through its Perm branch. 

Workover services are primarily contracted on a rate per hour basis.

*Information as of December 31, 2017

Rig fleet information

Rig fleet information

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